Day-dreamer, star-gazer, life-lover. Pilgrim, explorer, traveler, adventurer. Daughter, sister, friend. Translator, interpreter, teacher, student, photographer, writer.
My 29 years have been filled with memorable experiences and unforgettable memories, and most of them have been collected while traveling. I’m Italian and my roots feel deeper than ever, but I belong to each and every country I have lived in, every city I’ve explored, every street I’ve walked on.
My feet carry the memories of the paths I have chosen to take, and my eyes are bright with the amazing places I have seen.
I travel, because this is what makes me happy and free. I walk with the wind and dance under the rain, sing badly and loud, cry a lot, but laugh even more.
I enjoy deep talks, a good book and a glass of wine. I love to be around people and enjoy solitude as well.
I travel alone and I grow everyday into the human being I want to be. I write memories in my notebook and I freeze moments in my photographs.
I smile, laugh and hug a lot. I eat too much. But I will never live enough.

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