PRONOEI Mayopata

Today I went to visit one of our projects in Baños del Inca, Peru: the PRONOEI Mayopata. A Programa no escolarizado de Educación Inicial (PRONOEI) offers an alternative to those children who do not have access to formal education.

At Mayopata, Mrs Lupita teaches 14 children aged 3 to 5. From Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 12 PM, she is in charge of the education of these children that would not, otherwise, be able to afford to pay for the school material, around 500 nuevos soles. Thanks to some donations, and the teacher’s creativity, the children are receiving the same education as the other kids of their age.

Visiting this group of children filled my heart with joy. Some of them were rushing towards me to get all the camera’s attention, some others where shyly hiding behind their teacher. Others were proudly showing me their drawings, and most of them were just happy to jump around like little monkeys.

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  1. 15/12/2016

    […] couple of days later, it was the turn of the PRONOEI Mayopata. Me and the volunteers donated some panettones that were eagerly eaten by the children and their […]

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